Story Traveler (5 minute stories from Everywhere) is a new radio program by Gioia Timpanelli. She presents folk tales of cultures near and far that give us a glimpse of their universal wisdom and our shared humanity. These short stories and commentary are designed to be presented daily or weekly. We are providing some examples of these new programs on this website. Feel free to click and listen to these short programs.


Told and Retold is a one hour, seasonal program on stories with Gioia Timpanelli, one of the founders of the world wide revival of storytelling (Women's National Book Award "for bringing the oral tradition to the American Public"), a teacher and lecturer on folk literature, and an award winning fiction writer. This radio series is a miscellany of world folk tales, literary fiction, anecdotes, music, and poems, including conversations with poets, park rangers, and bee keepers. It’s a perpetual calendar of natural history, celebrating the turning year in the diversity of world stories.  

At this time, there are two of these programs available at for radio stations. They are entitled "Winter" and "Spring".

Here is the link to the website for "Winter":

Here is the link to the website for "Spring":

Listen here to an excerpt from the "Winter" program. It's an audio clip of a conversation between Gioia Timpanelli and poet/author Robert Bly.